The CUNY Games Festival 3.0
A Conference on Game-based Learning in Higher Education

The CUNY Games Network of the City University of New York is excited to announce the third annual CUNY Games Festival to be held on January 22, 2016 at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. We will also host a playtesting / game day on January 23 at a nearby location.

The CUNY Games Festival 3.0 is a conference to promote and discuss game-based pedagogies in higher education. We aim to bring together all stakeholders in the field: faculty, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and game designers. Both CUNY and non-CUNY participation is welcome.

Who we are: The CUNY Games Network is composed of over 100 educators from a wide range of CUNY campuses and disciplines. Our members are interested in games, simulations, and other forms of interactive teaching. We seek to facilitate the pedagogical uses of both digital and non-digital games in higher education and to encourage research and scholarship in the dynamic and growing field of game-based learning. Our steering committee consists of a multi-disciplinary group of CUNY faculty and staff.

Questions? Get in touch at contactcunygames@gmail.com!

A Conference on Game-based Learning in Higher Education