Day 2


The second day of the conference runs from 10:30am to 6pm on Saturday January 23, and is much more informal. Most of the day we will be playing board and card games (both educational and entertainment) together in a social, bonding atmosphere. We welcome you to bring your own educational games for play testing and feedback. Also, we will feature at least one friendly game design workshop for faculty and staff. Both the workshops and the game play will inspire you to create your own gamed-up, instructional lessons. We hope to see you there!

2nd Day Workshop: “Playing and Redesigning Commercial Board Games For Training and Instruction” by Joe Bisz

Co-organizer Joe Bisz ( will be facilitating this unique workshop of his own design. This is a 2-hour event where faculty and staff can play a few carefully selected commercial board games together. While playing, they will read over reference cards that not only break down each of these popular game’s core mechanics, but explain how the game might be re-designed for any training or instructional exercise. When finished playing, they will pick one lesson or instructional goal, and spend 30 minutes designing a new instructional game, one that mimics and is inspired by the first game.

Pandemic Game Card-MarketingSaturday, Day 2 of the conference, will be held at a different location: the Borough of Manhattan Community College (also called “BMCC”) in lower Manhattan. You’ll need a photo ID to enter the building, so don’t forget!

Once you get to Chambers Street, on the North side of the street you’ll see a long, wide staircase leading from the sidewalk to the college’s front doors. This is the ground level but is considered the 2nd Floor. Once you’re inside the doors, proceed through the security turnstiles, then walk right down the corridor about 20 feet to the escalators. Take the escalators up one flight to the 3rd floor. You will see a room about 10 feet ahead of you on the right. That should be your destination, S-341. Come on inside!

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Room S-341 (Main Building)
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10009

For full travel directions to the BMCC building, go to this link:

A Conference on Game-based Learning in Higher Education